The Tamworth Musical Society is going to start using an online service called Cast98 for our future shows – including our recently announced production of Mamma Mia! for May 2020. Cast98 enables us to handle auditions online (no more paper forms to fill out!) and makes scheduling rehearsals a lot easier on our directors.


What this means for you: If you wish to audition for one of our shows in the future, you will need to create a profile on Cast98. Fill out your contact info, past show experience, and conflict calendar and then you'll be ready to sign up for an audition time. Make sure you remember to update all of your info before signing up for an audition. Note to parents: You will need to create a separate profile for each child.


We think you're going to really enjoy using Cast98, and you'll see why after we cast our next show (spoiler: you'll get a personalised rehearsal schedule!). You can also save your cast bio on Cast98 so that you don't have to write it from scratch every show.


Need help getting started? If you have any trouble using Cast98, please don't ask us. We will not know the answer. For tech support or questions about Cast98, use their Help features.


Follow this link to sign up for Cast98:

Here is a link to our studio page on Cast98: 

And here are some videos from Cast98 to help you get started:  

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