about Tamworth musical society

The Tamworth Musical Society (TMS) has been providing musical theatre entertainment to the people of Tamworth since 1888. Currently, TMS produces two shows a year - one in May and another in October/November. 


TMS Committee 2022

President - Todd Power

Vice President - Mitch Alcorn

Secretary - Emily Thomas-Moore

Treasurer - Adam Petronaitis

Committee members - Natalie Creighton, Samara Redman, Kate Godden, Tim Godden, Tammy Clark, Kevin McCorriston, Chloe Hall, Toni Petronaitis


How Can I become involved?

We are always open to new members! The best way to become involved with TMS is to take part in one of our productions, either as an on-stage performer, part of the orchestra, creating costumes, building sets or working backstage. 


To be involved on-stage, we encourage you to audition for one of our productions. Audition information is posted on our website as well as on our Facebook page. Auditions are usually held in December for our May production and June/July for our October/November production. 


If you'd like to become involved in the orchestra, set construction, costumes or backstage, please click here


For any further queries or information, please contact the TMS Secretary, Emily Thomas-Moore (secretary@tms.org.au). 


Mr. Bill Gleeson OAM

Mrs Helen Tickle

Life Members
Robyn Bourke, Stephen Carter, Max Ellicott, Terri Ellicott, Cherie Gaites, Peter Godden, Val Godden, Mark Gower, Ros Gower, Bill Gleeson, Di Hall, Ron Hartmann, Elizabeth Hearne, Gavin Henderson, Ian Hobbs, David Mead, Margaret Mead, Ken McLean, Judy Walmsley, Ann Walsh and Ken Whitecross



Committee Meetings
Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month. All current financial members are welcome to attend. Please contact secretary@tms.org.au for more information. 

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