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Director                  Ben Mettam

Musical Director    Tim Godden              

Choreographer     Anika Chillingworth    


A commitment-phobic man reassesses his life as he turns thirty-five – reviewing his relationships with girlfriends and his married (or soon to be married) friends. Exploring the notion of commitment in a modern world, Company has remained a favourite with theatregoers – with a remarkable script that still resonates profoundly with contemporary audiences.

A musical comedy, Company is an insightful glimpse into the mind of anyone who has ever dated, flirted, married, divorced, had a one night stand or otherwise found themselves in the grips, fun or struggles of any kind of relationship!



Bobby    Brad Gill

Sarah     Emelia Saban

Harry     Daniel Gillett
Jenny    Lara Connellan
David    Josh Hatton
Joanne  Ann Walsh
Larry      Mark Daly
Susan    Sally-Anne Whitten
Peter     Aaron Jones
Amy       Tahnee Denton
Paul       Chris Langston
April      Holly Schultz
Marta    Cara Bastian
Kathy    Kate Godden



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