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Ben Mettam                Director

Tim Godden                Musical Director

Anika Chillingworth    Choreographer


A commitment-phobic man reassesses his life as he turns thirty-five – reviewing his relationships with girlfriends and his married (or soon to be married) friends. Exploring the notion of commitment in a modern world, Company has remained a favourite with theatregoers – with a remarkable script that still resonates profoundly with contemporary audiences.

A musical comedy, Company is an insightful glimpse into the mind of anyone who has ever dated, flirted, married, divorced, had a one night stand or otherwise found themselves in the grips, fun or struggles of any kind of relationship!



Bobby – Brad Gill

Sarah – Emelia Saban

Harry – Daniel Gillett

Jenny – Lara Connellan

David – Josh Hatton

Joanne – Ann Walsh

Larry – Mark Daly

Susan – Sally-Anne Whitten

Peter – Aaron Jones

Amy – Tahnee Denton

Paul – Chris Langston

April – Holly Schultz

Marta – Cara Bastian

Kathy – Kate Godden





Musical Director/Conductor: Tim Godden


Violins: Emily Thompson, Katherine Harvey, Steff Newton, Grace Allan


Double bass: Vicki Harbison


Flute: Breanna Harrigan


Bassoon: Toby Harradine


Clarinet: Val Godden, Bria Joyce, Jim Eykamp, Jeffrey Wong


Saxophone: Val Godden, Jeffrey Wong


French Horn: Gavin Henderson,  Jessica Lane


Trumpet: Ron Hartman, Elizabeth Jenkins, John Green


Trombone: Steve Ives, Ian Dwyer


Drums: Ronny Rindo


Piano: Luke Diebold


Guitar: Alwyn Aurisch


Percussion: Jasen Scott

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