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Eliza Doolittle                      Gabriela McDonald

Henry Higgins                      Peter Ross

Col. Pickering                       Bill Gleeson

Freddy Eynsford-Hill          Brad Gill


Alfred P. Doolittle                 Sean McInnes

Mrs Pearce                             Sally Douglas

Mrs Higgins                            Kay Campbell

Mrs Eynsford-Hill                 Rosie Crossing

Jamie                                        Greg Sherwood

Harry                                        Tim Whyte

Professor Zoltan Karpathy   Ben Thomas

/ Barman



Men's Cockney Quartet

Bill Merrick, Max Ellicott, Geordie Brown, Steve Lalor


Street Chorus

Demi Ball

Geordie Brown

Natalie Creighton

Nikki Erdos

Wendy Foster

Cherie Gaites

Kate Godden

Zoe Green

Aaron Jones

Cheryl Lalor

Stuart McAdam

Tim McGuire

Jaydon Merrick

Darryl Moore

Katt Nolland

Lara Northey

Lorraine Reilly

Olivia Riley

Tania Riley

Annabelle Saddleir

Bill Sevill

Joe Tandy


Servant's Chorus

Annabelle Heslop

Belinda Bell

Kate Godden

Ros Gower

Mark Gower

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Bill Sevill

Caitlyn Sherwood

Katrina Telfer

Eryn Williams



Ann Walsh            Director

Tim Godden         Musical Director

Daniel Gillett         Assistant Director

Cherie Gaites      Choreographer



This classic musical based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, is an unforgettable experience, transporting audiences back in time to Edwardian London populated by a host of colourful characters.


The themes are enduring and quintessentially English, and are as relevant today as they have always been.The enduring character of Eliza Doolittle, Cockney flower girl turned high society debutante by Professor Henry Higgins, serves as the pivotal role in a musical which seeks to examine class distinctions, society's prejudices, the gender divide, identity and transformation. Classic musical numbers 'Wouldn't It Be Loverly?', 'The Rain In Spain', and 'On The Street Where You Live' evoke and bring to life these essential themes and the musical's diverse and absorbing characters.


It has been called "the perfect musical" - a delightful journey of nostalgia and song that can be appreciated by all ages.



Musical Director/Conductor: Tim Godden


Violins: Samara Redman, Michaela Beavan, Katherine Harvey, Emily Thompson, Vindhya Dayaratne, Steff Newton,Kristie Shorten, Libby Molony 


Viola: Mikayla Thompson


Cello: Angela Brown, Fiona Redman


Double bass: Sam Langston, Vicki Harbison


Flute: Jacqueline Langston, Breanna Harrigan


Bassoon: Toby Harradine


Clarinet: Lauren Ferguson, Val Godden, Alison Lockart


French Horn: Gavin Henderson,  Jessica Lane


Trumpet: Ron Hartman, Jessica Higgins,  John Green


Trombone: Steve Ives, Ian Dwyer, David Mead


Drums: Dave Morriss


Percussion/Keyboard: Jasen Scott


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