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October - November 2015

The Production Team

Director                  Stephen Carter

Musical Director    Deb Batley

Choreographer      Cherie Gaites


Based on Billy Wilder's Academy Award-winning 1950 film of the same title, the plot revolves around Norma Desmond, a faded star of the silent screen era, living in the past in her decaying mansion on the fabled Los Angeles street. When young screenwriter Joe Gillis accidentally crosses her path, she sees in him an opportunity to make her comeback to the big screen. Romance and tragedy follow.

tHE cast


Norma Desmond       Ann Walsh

Joe Gillis                    Aaron Jones

Max Von Mayerling   Bill Gleeson

Betty Schaefer           Jessica Cooper-White


Cecil B DeMille               Mark Gower

Artie Green                     Ryan Kenyon

Sheldrake                        Sean McInnes                 

Myron / Manfred             Josh Hatton

Women's Ensemble

Kathleen Burke, Anna Burton, Hannah Burton,    Jamie-Lee Cameron, Emily Church, Cherie Gaites, Kate Godden, Ros Gower, Olivia Harris, Rebecca Hughes, Margot Jones, Sequoya Oldman and Taylor Rains. 


Men's Ensemble

Tim Bosse, Geordie Brown, Jaydon Merrick, Adam Petronaitis, Evan Poschinger, Bill Sevil, John Sevil and Riley Thompson.



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